2017 Donations Listing




Donald and Sandra Balmer
Julia L. Frazier

Carol and Fred Margrif
Marjorie Vidlund


Sharon Arntsen
Barbara J. Bennett
Ben and Marcia Bohnsack
Michele O. Butler
Georgia R. Carlson
Donald Constance
Emily Ann Coyne
John and Rosa Diddams
Juliet A. Elder
Peggy Frazier
Suzanne and Norman E. Hefke

Mary Ann Kublin
Jim and Norma Matteson
Carolyn McDonald
Patricia D. Pellett
Christine Pesola
Scott and Peg Seaman
Sarah and Matt Smart
Bernie Stephansky
David and Alma Thomas
Marg and Warren VandeBerg
B. Welch


Patti and Frank Chiodi
Catherine M. Crimmins
Patricia Curtis
Mary Ellen Eckler
Marlene G. Fisher
Miriam Hilton
LaVonne Knuff

Mary Anne Kublin
Nancy F. Lutey
Willard L. and Kristine A. Martin
Matthew Songer
Sten and Jane Taube
Beverly J. Tobin


William G. and Vivian E. Lasich
Beverly M. Matherne
Rolf Swanson
Susan V. Uballe